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why i hate catwoman – the htlf guide to halloween

Halloween is just five sleeps away and with it comes the dilemma of finding a fabulous costume on budget and in the right size for a 14+ bod. While this is not an official Aussie tradition, I’ve attended my fair share of fancy dress and Halloween parties to know the lay of the land. Here are five tips that will ensure your costume is a Thriller.

1. You can’t and don’t want to compete with Catwoman.
Catwoman is that fixture at any dress-up party that uses whatever opportunity she can to show off her model-like figure and attract as much male attention as possible. Don’t hate her for her body, heck she probably works very hard for it… hate her for her vapid personality and total lack of imagination!! You’ve seen her, she’s over in the corner holding court in the Playboy bunny ears and tail. I’ve always promised myself that no matter what size body I’m in (even if I’m super-haute), I will never, ever, EVER let myself become a Catwoman. There are so many ways to look great without going tacky or tarty… but on the plus side, our feline friend serves a purpose too. So long as there are a handful of ‘Catwomen’ at your Halloween venue, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be free of all the superficial man-children… meow!

2. Think outside the dress-up box
For a costume that’s a real hit, draw up a list of what has been
happening in the news and in popular culture over the last year. Everyone gets sick and tired of seeing the same old cast of characters making the rounds, so keep it fresh. I am a big fan of inanimate objects, not just characters. The everyday stuff can be hilarious… Halloween mad Heidi Klum always remembers how a guy once came to one of her bashes dressed as a mattress.  I remember once I went to a ‘B’ party dressed as a Blowfly (I even made a baby foam maggot to carry as an accessory). I was only 11 at the time and don’t suggest you do the same, but have a think about costumes that people might not have considered before and get creative.

3. Homemade costumes rule as does well applied make-up
While I am not a fan of ‘zero effort’ when it comes to costumes, I also don’t recommend buying an entire costume from a costume hire store. Half or fully home-made costumes are sooooo much better! One thing I wouldn’t scrimp on is your make-up. If you’re shelling out for a rather fancy Halloween event, be sure to book yourself in to a MAC counter or equivalent and let a professional apply your make-up. This was really helpful when I went to a party as Marie Antoinette a few years ago, the MAC girls did a great job.

4. Interactive costumes are always a talking point
One of my favourite ever costumes was worn by a Swedish/ Australian friend of mine. I’ll never forget that she told me how she went to a party as a Lucky Dip and people came up to her all night to get either a boys or girls prize from her. What a fabulous idea I thought! I’m guessing she wore a body stocking and created a boys and girls lucky dip on either side of her body by stepping into a large box and attaching plastic bags to the lucky dip holes. An interactive costume will definitely help you get a conversation started with that dreamy looking zombie across the room.

5. Wear a costume that fits your personality
If you are shy and don’t much like talking to people, perhaps stay away from an interactive costume. If you’re not comfortable with men ogling your breasts, perhaps stay away from that empire line low-cut medieval number. To really rock a costume you need to get into character. This never works when someone steps out in a costume that requires more va-va voom than they’ve got.

This year, my goal is to incorporate an Emilio Pucci dress into a Halloween costume…
easy to see where my priorities lie – hehe! I’m determined to find a way to work it in because I love it to bits and haven’t worn it for ages. Hmmm… maybe I’ll go as a chic Zombie or Vampire.

Happy costume hunting HTLF readers,


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